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About TC-11 Store


We are proud to provide you with the finest rust and corrosion inhibitor available today!  TC-11 was originally developed to protect two personal watercraft from the effects of salt water corrosion. The two original TC-11 test articles are still completely corrosion free and fully operable after fifteen years of use in salt water and storage in a salt breeze.

The rubber, paint, and plastic that has been exposed to TC-11 for fifteen years is unaffected by the exposure. The spark plug boots are still supple and free of cracks. All of the electrical insulation is in “like new” condition.


TC-11 – The Ultimate Corrosion Inhibitor

No other corrosion inhibitor performs like TC-11. Whether you need to protect ordinary household items or heavy industrial equipment on land or at sea in the harshest of environments, you can count on TC-11.

H&N Industries, LLC of Honolulu, Hawaii manufactures and markets the world’s best corrosion inhibitor. TC-11 was first sold to a commercial customer in 2001 to prevent corrosion on heavy equipment shipped as deck cargo from Seattle to Honolulu. TC-11 was first sold in Hawaii to Ace Hardware beginning February of 2002, and this store has gone on to sell more than 4,000 aerosols. TC-11 was placed in the True Value warehouse in September of 2003. TC-11 was placed in the Ace warehouse in April of 2003. TC-11 was placed in the Do-It-Best warehouse in February of 2005.

In addition to the remarkable reviews TC-11 has received from its customers in the field, TC-11 received a coveted Retailers Choice Award at the 2002 National Hardware Conference . TC-11 followed that award with a Dealers Pick Award at the 2002 Hardware Conference. TC-11 followed that award with a selection as a Best Choice and a Best of the Bes by Practical Sailor  Magazine.dp_award

TC-11 was invented by Bruce Huddleston, an aerospace engineer who worked on projects such as the Space Shuttle and the B-1B for Rockwell International.  Mr. Huddleston also worked as a senior environmental engineer for organizations such as Mobil, Texaco, and Unocal. Mr. Huddleston also worked as a Project Director for the U.S. Department of Energy.

To all of you, from all of us at the TC-11 Store - Thank you for interest and your business!

George Norcross